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How To Get Through Your Work Week With These 5 Tips (# 2 is my favorite!)

Those of us who work the Monday through Friday week often get that Sunday night dread at the end of our weekend. For the most part this is normal because we enjoyed having our free time at home or with our families. However if we have a stressful week coming up or if we are unhappy with our jobs this can cause that dread to seep into the week. On Monday morning we may find ourselves wishing away the work week. Of course who doesn’t want Friday to come along quicker? However if we think about it we are wishing away a significant portion of our lives. When we think of it this way it can shift our perspective into being mindful of the present day instead of wishing them away for something better.

Here are 5 tips that can help you cope with your week and make the best of it without wishing away the majority of your week.

Spending time with friends helpds ease stress and anxiety.

# 1. Create rituals. Small rituals throughout a day can give you time to take a break as well as something rewarding to look forward to doing. This could be your morning coffee from your favorite coffee shop, a walk during your lunch break, or a phone call to a friend to chat. Whatever it is, make an extra effort to put your mind where your feet are. If you are having a relaxing cup of tea but your mind is racing about what you have to do when you go back to work, that is not effective. Make a conscious effort to focus your full attention on the activity you choose.

# 2. Maintain personal relationships. Spend time with friends or family doing something after work. This could be meeting friends for happy hour on a Wednesday night or inviting family over for dinner on a Tuesday. Feeling like we can have fun and do something to nourish our personal connections to others after work is important to break up the monotony of the week.

# 3. Discover a new hobby. Look into taking a class in something you have been wanting to learn such as a new language, ceramics, or a new sport. Join a local book club. Look into different meet up groups in your area.

# 4. Explore different activities: Cook a new meal, walk your dog on a new route, visit your local park, read a new book, go to the library, or anything else to shake up your daily routine.

# 5. Set aside time for self care. This could be anything from getting a massage, a haircut, mani pedi, a warm bath, or taking a yoga class.

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