Pregnancy & Postpartum

As an expectant mother or a new mother you are probably feeling a wave of overwhelming emotions that are completely new. Having a baby and being a new mom comes with many new obstacles, questions, fears, doubts, and mood changes.


Expectant and new moms often feel alone in their emotions as they are often the primary person responsible for this new life. Having feelings other than complete happiness about motherhood can feel taboo or shameful, even though this is perfectly normal to experience.

While you are carrying a baby or after you have a baby your hormone levels are the most turbulent that they have ever been. This can cause you to feel depression, anxiety, doubt, and fear on top of being sleep deprived, feeling ill and caring for another being.

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There is a lot of expectations and pressure put on new moms and those having a baby. You may be bottling up how you are really feeling and devoting all your energy to this new being. It is important to take care of yourself and get the support you need at the most critical time.

So many pregnant women and new moms have come to see us with these same feelings and concerns. They feel alone, overwhelmed and not understood. We can help support you and give you the strategies you need to feel content and confident.


How can we do this?

We have specialized training to provide therapy for maternal mental health. 

We create a strong therapy bond with you to build trust and learn about your concerns to support you fully. Our therapy helps you learn skills to foster mindfulness, relaxation, coping skills to deal with intrusive thoughts, worries, fears and identify what you value. When we are new parents we do not feel like ourselves and it can be difficult to get in touch with this feeling again. We will help you build small changes in your thinking and actions so you will be able to feel like you are in the life of your choosing. We want you to be left feeling confident, calm and content with your new skills and perspective you learn with us in therapy. 

We have the tools and strategies to get you on the path to feeling better so you and your child can have the best life possible. Give us a call today to schedule your first session.

Unique Therapy Options to Fit Your Lifestyle:

Walk & Talk Therapy:

We can meet you at nearby Forest Park and have our session while we both get fresh air and exercise together. It can be difficult to fit in exercise, nature and time for yourself into your week. This option helps combine a few of these together so you leave your session feeling mentally and physically refreshed. Our office is located approximately 1/2 mile from Forest Park entry on Metropolitan Avenue in Kew Gardens, on the cusp of Forest Hills. Weather permitting. 

Video Telehealth Therapy:

Have your session from the comfort of your own home. Let's say you have an appointment scheduled with us in person at the office but realize you are running late at work or need to go home to walk the dog, start dinner, don't want to deal with driving/bus/ubers/walking, you can easily change your appointment with us to be a video session. We use health information protected software to ensure a secure confidential connection through an app on your phone or a link on your laptop. Connect with us anywhere you have service! Feeling particularly overwhelmed and need an urgent appointment? Contact your therapist to see if she has availability and can meet with you anywhere through video telehealth therapy. Inclement weather in the winter, vacation time not going as well as expected, or away for work? Stay mentally well anywhere, any time with video therapy. 

Office Visits:

Of course you can meet with us in our boutique therapy office where you find a fridge stocked with various drink options, hot tea of your choice, fidget toys to keep you entertained as you wait, and a calming and serene waiting room environment to help you unwind before your appointment. There is never a lack of street parking on Metropolitan Ave in front of our office (2hr munimeter until 7pm). Also if you turn off Metropolitan onto 71st Ave/Continental Ave you will find plenty free non-metered side street parking (just watch out for alternative side of the street parking!). 

Home Visits:

Pregnancy is an uncomfortable time physically and mentally. Being a new mom is certainly overwhelming to say the least! Don't want to get the baby ready to go outside with a million bags and supplies? Baby just fell asleep and now you have to wake a sleeping babe to head out the door? No babysitter? You may want your therapist to come to you! It helps you feel less isolated in your home with just you and baby, or you and your growing baby bump! Your therapist can do home visits for you. There is an additional cost as travel involves another session slot for us but we are happy to arrange whatever you need to get the care and support at the most crucial time in your life. Ask us for more info.