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Your first therapy session can be nothing short of nerve-wracking, as you may not know what to expect upon arrival. However, experienced therapists suggest that there are easy ways to prepare, and you’ll want to start by spending some time thinking about how you want to utilize your session.

I'm quoted in this Bustle article that reviews the 11 Telltale Signs a Couple May Get Divorced, Even If They Think They're Happy. I think you may find some insight here.

Bustle/9 Habits You Don't Realize Can Make You Seem Overbearing

It can be tough to tell the difference between true assertiveness and habits that come off as too pushy, since they can both deal with getting what you want, telling people what you think, and having things go your way. But while assertiveness is a great skill to develop — and you should use it as often as necessary — pushiness can actually end up holding you back.

Practice of the Practice Podcast

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Lindsey Huttner about how to leave your full time job and grow your business fast.

Tossing and turning at night? Take a look at this NBCNEWS article that reviews smart products that make falling — and staying asleep — a little bit easier: 14 Smart Products to Help You Fall Asleep Faster. I'm quoted in this article in regards to apps that help you track your sleep.



Preparing Your Practice for Generation Z

A new generation of clients will soon be knocking on your practice’s door (or visiting your practice’s URL). We’re talking about Generation Z, generally regarded as those born between 1995 and 2012. Although many Generation Zers are still too young to choose their own providers, they’re already starting to make their mark on the healthcare industry. A truly digital generation, many have never known a world without smartphones, Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon. It’s a generation of tech-savvy individuals who will want to engage digitally with their healthcare providers like never before.

HELLOFLO offers some much-needed advice on How To Tackle Your Next Gyno Visit, If Appointments Trigger Your Anxiety.



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