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Helping women transform from anxious to relieved. A unique private practice for women by women. 

Physical symptoms bothering you (heart racing, dizziness, panic attacks, etc)? Can't turn off your mind? Find relief through therapy PROVEN to work for your anxiety


Maternal Mental Health:  Therapy for infertility, loss, pregnancy and postpartum.​

Therapy that Works

Welcome to Butterfly Effect Therapy. Whether you're brand new to therapy or have tried it before, we're confident that we can offer you a new approach to feel relief. Physical health concerns directly affect our minds as well as our body. We are confident our therapy will address your symptoms and help you feel lighter, calmer and relieved.

Services Available

Receive evidence based therapy from our highly trained therapists

that specialize in your specific issues. All our providers are women

and are here to serve women. 

  • Individual therapy

  • Couples therapy

  • Flexible hours available

  • Telehealth Sessions


Call us today (718) 489-9553 to reserve your appointment time.

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