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Why did I have a panic attack? (Anxiety Series Part 2 of 4)

When someone first comes to see me they usually tell me the symptoms that are bothering them such as panic attacks, not sleeping, feeling off, tension, or a type of fear. They then tell me they do not know why this is happening, this started out of no where and hasn’t gone away. I will then ask them about their life and try to get a feel for their day to day. This can be tricky, people don’t usually see why I am asking about all the different areas of their lives since they don’t see a connection to their direct symptoms. After hearing about their lives and what they have on their plate I almost always think to myself, Of course you are having these anxiety symptoms!!!

The more disconnected the person is from their stress, the more intense their symptoms usually are. A major factor is whether someone is in touch with their emotions and able to express them. Along with this is if they have someone safe they feel they can express their emotions to. “Safe” means someone that will not judge, will listen, and validates their experience and feelings without adding or subtracting anything from it. If you’re reading this and thinking that you don’t have anyone that meets that criteria, that’s okay! You aren’t alone and you aren’t doomed. Outlets to share feelings when you may be short on good listeners in your life can be writing down how you are feeling, it helps to get it out of your head and body. Seeing a therapist is helpful as it gives you a safe space that is all about you. It allows you to fully share your real feelings in a non judgmental place without ever having to worry about the other person.

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