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Sleep is a vital part of our ability to function and feel good every day. If you are having long term or short term trouble with your sleep it can interfere in your mood, relationships, health and social activities. Lying in bed wondering when you will finally fall asleep or waking up frequently throughout the night counting down the hours can lead to anger, frustration and hopelessness.

Without sleep we have no energy for the important things we value in our lives. We cannot think straight, cannot function at our optimal levels and may not be as pleasant to be around.

You may dread bedtime approaching and another agonizing night of sleeplessness or low quality sleep. Even if you have not had luck with doctors or medications for your sleep disturbance there is still hope to fixing your sleep.

We offer a very specific evidence based therapy that helps people with sleep disturbance to get restful, high quality sleep again. The treatment we deliver is CBT-i (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia). It is a short term therapy that is proven to assist in changing your sleep. It will teach you concrete behaviors to use to get longer and better quality sleep. It includes documenting your progress so you will be able to visually see the difference from the time you start treatment to the time you finish. It will give you the tools you need to make the long lasting changes at home and not be dependent on other interventions to assist you with your sleeping. 

Let us help you get a restful night of sleep again. Give us a call today to schedule your first session to get started.

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